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Tips for Dental Implant Maintenance

Getting dental implants is a very involved process that will help you have better oral health in the future. While the process is detailed, it is well worth it in the end as you will have stronger teeth and far more freedom than you would have with other options like dentures. Protecting this investment in your health is very important, and fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure that these implants stay strong and healthy.

Always Attend Your Appointments

When you get dental implants in Atlanta, it will be very important that you not neglect your bi-annual checkups. These checkups will be the best way for you to be sure that everything is as it should be. Missing these appointments could allow small issues to become big issues. Make sure that you always make room in your schedule for these appointments. They really are the most important maintenance tip you can get.

Avoid Certain Foods

When you leave the clinic after your implants are put in, you will be given some pretty specific instructions. It is very important that you follow these instructions. Included in this literature will be a list of things that you should avoid eating, or use extreme caution when eating. Most of these items will be very chewy or rough in nature. The list will likely include many of the following:

  • Taffy-like candies
  • Jerky
  • Jaw breakers or other hard candy
  • Tough steaks

Follow a Good Hygiene Routine

If the reason for your implants was a lack of good hygiene, then now is the time to take this routine seriously. Brushing and flossing can do a lot to help ensure that your implants are a long-term solution as they are meant to be. This is not something that you can neglect without causing major harm to the gum tissue that the dental implant is embedded in. As an artificial material, the implant won't deteriorate, but the tissue of your mouth could be very easily harmed without this important maintenance work happening on a daily basis.

Wear a Guard if You Grind

If you know that you tend to grind your teeth at night or in times of extreme stress, then you need to invest in a good mouth guard. This will help protect the implant from being moved by the pressure and movement of the grinding. The most common times for teeth grinding are during sleep patterns and when one is stressed. If you also play sports that could damage your teeth, then you will want a good guard in place during those times as well.